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The Reason to Post a Hope

There are many reasons to Post A Hope. Here is the logic:

Do you have a Hope, Dream, Prayer, Blessing, Wish, or Intent?

Is there an answer or manifestation that you desire or are asking for?

Would you like that Intent to be more focused, powerful and heard?

Adding words to thought increases the vibrations and frequency of the Intent/ Thought (prayer, wish, blessing) - you get the point :)

Having others read your Intent and adding their own hopes to yours can further increase the vibration and frequency.

The power of prayer and positive thinking is well documented.

Wouldn't you like to post your hope into the universe and to your higher power and have other people's thoughts help you?

Wouldn't you like to add your own good intentions to the hopes of others or for worthwhile causes?

With the world the way it is today and with so many negative things going on, why not add your blessings and hopes into the world to help make it a better place?

The principal of Karma exists: What goes around comes around and you reap what you sow.

PostaHope today and begin manifesting. If you want to try an introductory course on Focus & Mindfulness or expand your current knowledge, visit our Focus & Mindfulness page.