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A Special Thanks from PostaHope

PostaHope would like to extend a special thanks to the following web designers, web coding developers, friends and family, attorneys and graphic designers.

Jenni Anderson
PACE Computing Limited Inc. - President

We'd like to thank Jenni for being a constant wealth of information as to the functionality, design, look and feel of the site, and the intricacies of how a website needs to work. She had ideas on certain creative elements of the site that she took the initiative to implement. Jenni specializes in custom web development, is an SEO specialist and the effort that she put into the site was extraordinary.

Tim Anderson
PACE Computing Limited Inc. - Vice President

We'd like to thank Tim for his expertise in coding the site and making the site work exactly like we needed it to. Tim went above and beyond his initial tasking by suggesting security measures and flash animation that we had not thought of. Tim specializes in PHP web development and Flash programming and he worked many late nights to reach the deadline.

Jenni and Tim make an amazing team and they are very good at understanding what a customer needs and being able to translate it into technology. It has been an amazing experience watching the idea of postahope go from an idea and concept into a website. Both Tim and Jenni are witty and have a sense of humor that not only made them fun to work with, but also made postahope come to life in a way that was better than we hoped for.

We'd be remiss not to thank our Attorneys who made sure our behinds were covered legally.

And of course we'd also like to thank all friends and family for their support and encouragement.